Supporting RVT

Rother Valley Together receives funding through a range of sources:

Our core funding comes from West Sussex County Council. However, this is insufficient to meet our entire funding requirements and we are therefore very appreciative of the regular annual grant we receive from the Midhurst Town Council and the donations from neighbouring Parish Councils. In addition we bid for and receive occasional grants from Sussex Community Foundation Trust and from local Midhurst Charities; we also receive personal donations from individuals and club members. 

Rother Valley Together also has fundraising raffles throughout the year including at Madhurst and the Grange Christmas fair. Quizzes have also raised additional funds. A number of local businesses donate generous prizes.

If you would like to help RVT there are several ways:

  • Make a Donation to us.  We are a UK Registered Charity no. 1147272
  • Leave a Legacy to RVT in your will.  We would be happy to advise on how this can easily be done – or you could ask your solicitor with the above charity details
  • Sponsor some of RVT’s work, such as help towards financing new equipment. 
  • Sponsorship can either be by individuals or companies

We welcome any donations supporting our work. Please email or call Caroline on 07957 405959 for further information on how best to do this. Cheques payable to Rother Valley Together can be forwarded to Rother Valley Together, The Grange, Bepton Road, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9HD.